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Cho-Pat IT Band Strap

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The Cho-Pat IT Band Strap provides Dynamic Pain Diffusion™ at the point of injury to alleviate the pain and discomfort of IT Band Syndrome.

Used for: IT Band Syndrome

Reduces Pain

  • Absorbs and diffuses stress
  • Stabilizes muscles and tendons
  • Prevents friction of the IT Band

Comfortable and Adjustable

  • Comfort straps provides a perfect fit
  • Stays in place

The Cho-Pat IT Band Strap uses compression to help prevent the snapping or friction of the iliotibial band over the bony prominence just above and outside of the knee joint or further up the leg at the hip joint.  The IT Band Strap supports the affected area which allows healing and prevents further damage to the IT band.  The Cho-Pat IT Band Strap delivers Dynamic Pain Diffusion™ which absorbs and diffuses stress.  The IT band strap is manufactured from a non-cinching material which provides comfortable support even when flexing.

IT Band Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome (ITBS) is a common overuse injury for runners, cyclists, and triathletes.  The IT Band assists the hip muscles in the outward movement of the thigh and stabilizes the side of the knee. Unfortunately, the IT Band is not a very strong structure, and overuse and existing weakness in surrounding muscles can result in ITBS.

When an athlete experiences ITBS, the IT band becomes so tight that it rubs against the outside of the thigh bone and causes pain along the outside of the knee joint.  ITBS pain can sometimes be accompanied by a clicking sensation.  IT Band Syndrome typically begins as a tight feeling outside of the knee and can become very painful if not treated.

The IT Band Strap is recognized as an effective way to treat the symptoms of ITBS.  While it may alleviate the symptoms of ITBS, the cause of the affliction may still be present, and it is suggested the user seek evaluation and treatment by a medical professional in conjunction with using the IT band strap.

Learn more about IT Band Syndrome in the Pain Solution Center.


The Cho-Pat IT Band Strap is available in five sizes for a more accurate fit.  User should measure and wear the strap nearest the area of most discomfort.  However, it can be worn approximately 2” – 3” in either direction with beneficial results.  If you are between sizes, it is suggested that you order the smaller IT band strap size.

Warning: Wear tight enough to attain relief but not impede circulation and normal leg movement.  Do not wear the IT band strap to bed.

IT Band Strap Sizing
 Extra Small 12 in -15.5 in;           30-39 cm.
 Small 15.5 in -18.5 in;        39-47 cm.
 Medium 18.5 in -21 in;           47-53 cm.
 Large 21 in -23.5 in;           53-60 cm.
 Extra Large 23.5 in -26 in;           60-66 cm.